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    A Three-Legged Stool

    John Walmsley

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    John Walmsley, BSUK Chair

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    Come and have a go…

    John Walmsley

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    That could be the strapline to British baseball and softball—“Come and have a go…”  That mindset has helped to more than double participation over the last decade.  But here I’m talking about podcasts, and more broadly, about people putting their heart

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    Train Like an Olympian

    John Walmsley

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    BSUK Chair John Walmsley reflects on the main lesson that he has taken away from the London Olympics – a lesson that all baseball and softball players in the UK players should find meaningful as well.

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    Spring has sprung

    John Walmsley

    tagged under: bsuk board, field maintenance, shadowball, mission statement

    Teams don’t just exist in the fleeting hours of games and tournaments; they exist in practices, and in working off-field for stronger clubs and leagues, and in social settings too.

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    Sport as metaphor

    John Walmsley

    tagged under: bsuk board, chair, john walmsley, geof ellingham

    Since being invited to be the next chair of BSUK I have been doing a lot of thinking about what the next few years ahead will entail. I do not formally take over for another couple of weeks. Let’s say I am in the on-deck circle.

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