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'Point Person' system for supporting clubs and leagues

BaseballSoftballUK  has assigned a Point Person on staff to every baseball club and softball league in the country.  Each Point Person will be the main contact between BSUK and his or her assigned clubs and leagues and will contact these organisations on a regular basis and offer support where necessary. This support may be in person or through other members of staff who have particular skills, but the result will be to coordinate the tools, materials, funding and programmes that BSUK can offer clubs and leagues.

Each BSUK Point Person will also ensure that there is a two-way flow of information between BSUK and the right person in each baseball or softball organisation. Many clubs and leagues change administrative personnel from year to year, so it is essential that clubs and leagues ensure that BSUK has up-to-date contact details so that the flow of information can be maintained.

Although at present BSUK only has staff in four of the nine English regions, this project has been rolled out across the country to allow BSUK to offer a consistent service to all clubs and leagues.

Your Point Person

Baseball clubs and softball leagues should know who their Point Person is and should be in regular contact with him or her.  BSUK has a regional staff of Development Managers, covering London, the South East, the Midlands and North West.  Typically, the Point Person will be the Development Manager for those four regions. 

For clubs or leagues out of those four regions, the Point Person will usually be BSUK National Development Manager, Chris Rawlings.  If a club or league is still unsure of who their Point Person is, please contact Chris Rawlings for more information.

Here is a list of the Point People and the regions they cover:

London (including Essex) – Liz Knight (

South East (including Hertfordshire) – Patrick Knock (

East and West Midlands – Leah Holmes (

North West (including West Yorkshire) – Luis Arrevillagas (

South West, North East, Yorkshire and Humber (excluding West Yorkshire) and East (excluding Hertfordshire and Essex) – Chris Rawlings (

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