Games get under way in the North West Junior Baseball/Softball League

Tue 14 Nov 2017

BSUK staff in the North West have been running junior sessions for the past two years, with the aim of developing a local league.  This plan came to fruition on 12 November when the first indoor game of the current school term was played.

The combatants were the Didsbury Donuts and the Urmston Ripper Nippers, and the Donuts pulled away to a convincing win after a tight first few innings.

Game details

Although the game took place indoors at Powerleague Trafford, the rules were kept as close to outdoor rules as possible, with three outs required in each inning. 

Adaptions for the players, who were aged 8 to 13, included a no strike-out rule: once a player had three strikes, he or she was given the opportunity to hit off a tee.  This kept every child involved in the game and made it less a game of catch between pitcher and catcher.

A cap of seven runs per inning was put in place until the final inning, when runs were unlimited.

Certain rules were also in force to make allowance for the venue.  Balls caught off the side walls were an out, a ball hitting the roof counted as a strike and fly balls hitting the back wall above the blue barrier were scored as home runs.

Superb batting was on display from both teams, including a home run from Didsbury’s Sam West.  But Donut Elliot Boydell snatched a home run from Nipper Ajani Zuill, blocking the ball and deflecting it to the ground before it could hit the back wall.

In the sixth and final inning, the Donuts had to defend their lead and teamwork prevailed, with all three outs achieved at third base.

League details

The North West Junior League will take place during the academic year, with games taking place once a month.  Other weekends will be used for practices so the children’s skills keep developing. 

To start with, the league will include the Donuts and the Ripper Nippers, but a team from Liverpool, currently under development, will be added soon.  The structure of the league allows for other teams to join at any time.


BSUK North West Development Manager Luis Arrevillagas said, “The purpose of the league is to offer those children that have now been playing for a while a more formal structure to their sport.  It is always complex to start a league when there is only a couple of teams, but you have to start somewhere.

“We want to make it as flexible and accessible as possible for teams to enter, and that’s why we are using indoor and outdoor formats depending on the weather.  We are also including features such as coach-pitch, teeball and the no-strikeout rule.”

BSUK North West Coach Linni Mitchell, who works with both teams every Sunday afternoon, said:  “My highlight of the game was seeing all of the kids encouraging one another, cheering their teammates on from the sidelines when batting and on the pitch when fielding.  I’m really pleased that a quarter of the kids playing in the game were girls and they held their own, showing they can bat, run and catch as well as the boys.

“I also want to say a big thank you to parents Luis, Carla, Christopher and Bruce, who helped out with umpiring, scoring and sorting out batting line-ups for the teams.”

Join in!

If you have children aged 8-13 who would like to get involved in baseball and softball in the North West, BSUK is currently running sessions in Urmston, Didsbury and Liverpool. 

Check out Facebook to keep updated on or contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Session times are:

  • Liverpool:  Sunday from 11:00-Noon @ Activity for All, Bootle, Liverpool.
  • Urmston:  Sunday from 2.00-3.00 pm @ Urmston Grammar School, Urmston, Trafford.
  • Didsbury:  Sunday from 4.00-5.00 pm @ Parrs Wood Sports Hall, Didsbury, Manchester.

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