Sponsorship deal agreed between Loughborough Students and L’Oreal

Sat 26 Mar 2016

The Loughborough University Students Softball and Baseball Club has agreed a sponsorship deal with the multinational cosmetics organisation L’Oreal for the coming season.

The deal will provide the Loughborough club with financial backing, along with access to L’Oreal’s graduate scheme and products to distribute during home games during the season.

In return, the club will act as brand ambassadors for L’Oreal, both on the Loughborough campus and within the wider British baseball and softball community.  The club will also feature the L’Oreal logo on the playing shirts of all its teams.


Loughborough Club President Luke Stott said: “I am extremely grateful to both Thomas Zaqueu of L’Oreal and Ian Reed of the Loughborough Athletic Union for helping to bring this deal together.  We have a strong community ethos within our club and in a way we’ve become a support network for each other.  With access to the graduate scheme in particular, this deal means that the benefits of being a member of the club can be enjoyed long after university.”

Thomas Zaqueu from L’Oreal said: “The Loughborough Students Softball and Baseball Club and L'Oreal both have an unmatched hunger for greatness, so what better way to continue that tradition than teaming up with the current national university champions?  We're really looking forward to this partnership and hope that we can help to inspire students, as well as inform them about the opportunities that both organisations have to offer."

The deal marks the first time that a university softball or baseball club has attracted a sponsor of this stature and the club is only the second Loughborough Athletic Union member to gain a shirt sponsor this season.

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