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Touching Base Episode 4: What's eating John Boyd?

19 February 2018
Expecting any day now to be sent down to the minor leagues to work out our podcasting, it's episode 4 of Touching Base, a podcast from BaseballSoftballUK. This week BSUK CEO John Boyd talks to host Luke Stott about his journey in sport, his experiences at the recent World Softball Baseball Confederation (WSBC) conference in Paris, and the player transition from Baseball to Slowpitch Softball...

Touching Base Episode 3: Individualism in Baseball & Softball, The Life of an Elite Athlete, and Peaky Blinders​

05  February 2018
By order of the Peaky Blinders, it’s episode 3 of Touching Base, a podcast from BaseballSoftballUK. Joining host Luke Stott and making her Touching Base debut is GB fastpitch and slowpitch player Chiya Louie. Today we’ll be comparing our experiences as elite athletes in different sports before donning flat-caps and brummie accents as we discuss the dangerous world of the Peaky Blinders. But first though, is there a silent I in Baseball and Softball? Are they actually individual sports just pretending to be team games? It’s up for debate…

Touching Base Episode 2: Let's Reinvent Baseball, BSUK Coach Summit, and Our Favourite Baseball Films

22 January 2018
Taking it one game at a time and just hoping to help the ballclub, it's episode 2 of 'Touching Base', a podcast from BaseballSoftballUK. This week our intrepid host Luke Stott sits down with GB U18 Baseball Team Head Coach and former BSUK National Development Manager Will Lintern to discuss the upcoming BSUK Coach Summit, how different baseball would be if we invented it today and our favourite baseball movies.


Touching Base Episode 1: What is Coaching, UK Fastpitch Softball, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi

08 January 2018
In the first episode of the brand new Touching Base podcast from BaseballSoftballUK, host Luke Stott talks to BSUK Fastpitch Development Manager Jo Malisani about the nature of good coaching, the state of fastpitch in the UK, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Spoilers).


BSUK Podcast 9: Liam Carroll (GB Baseball) & Chloe Wigington (Lake Land College)

30 September 2016
We speak with GB Baseball head coach, Liam Carroll, following a monumental month that included the European Championships and a Final spot in the World Baseball Classic Qualifier in Brooklyn and, in a new segment for the podcast where we'll go 'Across the Pond' to speak with a GB player playing at a college in the States, where our first guest is GB Fastpitch player Chloe Wigington who joins us from Lake Land College in Illinois.
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BSUK Podcast 8: Maikel Azcuy, Jake Esch & Max Colten

08 September 2016
In our biggest podcast yet Jake Esch joins us from Miami to talk about his debut with the Marlins, his call up from the Minors and visiting Cornish castles. Maikel Azcuy discusses winning his fifth National Baseball Championship in the same week he gets called up for Great Britain to compete at the 2016 European Championships and World Baseball Classic Qualifier. And we're also joined by Max Colten, Head Grounds Keeper and Clubhouse Manager for the New York Mets-affiliate Brooklyn Cyclones, whose MCU Park will play host to the WBCQ.
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BSUK Podcast 7: Amanda Murphy, GB U19 Fastpitch National Team

08 August 2016
Amanda Murphy was making her debut as a coach on the international stage but achieved something no one else had done before - guided a GB Fastpitch team to a European Championship. Fresh off the plane from Barcelona we caught up with Amanda to talk about that historic win at the 2016 European Championship Junior Women.
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BSUK Podcast 6: Jenny Fromer & Alison Howard, The Softball v Rounders Challenge

27 April 2016
BaseballSoftballUK and Rounders England have teamed up to host a showcase event on 1 May at Farnham Park where elite players from both sports will challenge each other at their own game. Ahead of the event we speak to BSUK's own Joint-CEO, Jenny Fromer, and Rounders England's CEO, Alison Howard, about the Challenge, the shared history of the sports and the promotion of female sports through campaigns like Sport England's This Girl Can
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BSUK Podcast 5: Brian Cain, Peak Performance

09 February 2016
Brian Cain is one of the worlds foremost peak performance experts and mental conditioning coaches. We were fortunate enough to not only have Brian as the keynote speak at the inaugural BSUK Coach Summit but we were also able to get time with him to record this podcast. Brian shares his sporting experiences and how he discovered the mental game as well as outlining his Twelve Pillars of Peak Performance and how to make mental conditioning part of your life.
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BSUK Podcast 4: Conner Brown, Top-5 in Five

05 January 2016
As we move in to a new year we're running five podcasts in five days with five people looking at their top-5 baseball and softball moments from 2015. For day three we speak with Conner Brown from Herts Baseball Club and the U18 GB National Team and his experiences playing across Europe and the MLB Academy.
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BSUK Podcast 3: Laura Hirai, Top-5 in Five

05 January 2016
As we move in to a new year we're running five podcasts in five days with five people looking at their top-5 baseball and softball moments from 2015. For the second of our five podcasts we speak with Laura Hirai who played all over the world in 2015 representing Great Britain in both baseball and fastpitch softball.
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BSUK Podcast 2: Liz Knight, Top-5 in Five

04 January 2016
As we move in to a new year we're running five podcasts in five days with five people looking at their top-5 baseball and softball moments from 2015. We kick off with BSUK's Development Manager for London and GB Softball Head Coach Liz Knight.
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BSUK Podcast 1: Liam Carroll, Great Britain Baseball

14 May 2015
Liam tells us how he got to play baseball in the US with Porterville College in California before moving on to coaching with the NCAA D1 University of Nevada Las Vegas. Liam also talks about his career with GB Baseball, his preparations for the 2016 European Baseball Championships and his aspirations for the future of British baseball.
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