Finding A Good Club For Your Child

What is a good club?

A good club will:

  • Have a club welfare officer
  • Have a safeguarding children policy
  • Welcome questions about their activities
  • To work with children
  • Have a written code of conduct for club officials, players and spectators
  • Offer support and training to volunteers and staff
  • Have a qualified coach
  • Have a qualified first aider
  • Have an equality policy
  • Have a club complaints procedure


Choosing the right club

Choosing a club that has achieved Clubmark will ensure that all of the above are in place. More information on Clubmark clubs can be found in the Club section.


All affiliated clubs must have a Safeguarding Children Policy and a Club Welfare Officer in place. If you want to know more about how a club operates or to get involved with volunteering at a club just ask. A good club will be happy to let you now how they organise things. Most clubs are looking for new members and especially volunteers.

You have a right and a responsibility to ensure that your children are safe at all times.


What should you be wary of?

The following list is courtesy of the NSPCC’s A Guide to Help Parents and Carers Choose Children’s Activities, 2006:

  • Activities where parents are discouraged from staying to watch or become involved
  • Behaviour or activities that encourage rough play, sexual innuendo or humiliating punishments
  • Individuals who take charge and operate independently of organisational guidelines
  • Individuals who show favouritism or personally reward specific children
  • Encouragement of inappropriate physical contact
  • Poor communication and lack of parental involvement, leaving you feeling uneasy
  • Children who drop out or stop going for no apparent reason 
  • Invitations for children to spend time alone with staff or volunteers (or even visit their home)

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