BSUK runs first National University Baseball and Softball Conference

Mon 19 Oct 2015

BaseballSoftballUK ran a first-ever National University Baseball and Softball Conference in Kettering on Sunday 27 September, attended by 15 students from across the country.

The conference, run in conjunction with Volleyball England, contained a mixture of presentations and workshops plus an Activators Course, and built on the advancements that BSUK has been making in the Higher Education sector.


BSUK National Development Manager Chris Rawlings said: “This conference has been a long time in the making but the feedback from the students attending has proved that there is a need and a place for this type of event.  We were able to engage with students who are running baseball and softball teams in a co-ordinated and coherent way that we have not achieved in the past.”

The conference included a great deal of discussion and debate about how to expand current university softball and baseball programmes as well as how to share ideas and experiences.

Kyra Bradley from the University of Sheffield said: “Thanks for putting together such a great conference.  We really enjoyed it and gained a lot of helpful knowledge for the years ahead.  This conference has helped our club get a better picture of the kind of help BSUK can offer us, as well as communicate to BSUK the goals we have for the future and some of the issues we've had in the past year.”

Activator Course

One of the highlights of the conference was the delivery of BSUK’s new Activator Course.

BSUK National Development Manager Will Lintern said: “The Activators Course is our new entry level coaching/workforce development training that is perfect for anyone who is new to baseball and softball, coaching or both!  The participants learn the rules and how to encourage new participants, with a special emphasis on having the X-factor required to recruit and retain new people to the sport.”

"It’s fantastic to see so many new Activators now in British universities thanks to the USO/UBO conference,” Will added.  “The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from these new Activators, so we hope to get even more courses available to university students and coaches who operate in that sector."

Kyra Bradley said: “The Activator Course has also been helpful, since we are running a Give-it-a-Go session soon, and the course was like a trial run and gave useful tips for introducing and engaging beginners.”

Chris Rawlings added: “We will certainly be staging another conference next year.  We will be working hard to make sure the content and structure remain relevant to all universities and I am hoping that the next one will be at least double in size.  The energy, passion and enthusiasm shone through from the students and I know that baseball and softball are in safe hands in their universities.”

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